EEOC Select Task Force Calls on Employers to “Reboot” Harassment Prevention Efforts

On June 20, EEOC Commissioners Chai R. Feldblum and Victoria A. Lipnic, who co-chair a Select Task Force, called upon employers to “reboot” workplace harassment prevention efforts. Composed of legal practitioners (both plaintiff and defense side), employer and employee advocacy groups, and experts in the social science disciplines, the Select Task Force developed a report with findings and recommendations after studying workplace harassment for a period of 14 months. The report highlights that “workplace harassment remains an all-too persistent problem.”

Commissioner Lipnic said that “training needs to be part of a holistic, committed effort to combat harassment, focused on the specific culture and needs of a particular workplace.”

Commissioner Feldblum recommended that training include “bystander intervention training [which] can create a sense of collective responsibility on the part of workers and empower them to be engaged bystanders in preventing harassment,” stating that “with leadership support, bystander intervention training could be a game changer in the workplace.”

MSEC is committed to preventing workplace harassment and encourages members to regularly train their workforce on recognizing and preventing harassment in the workplace.