OSHA Electronic Reporting Rule Effective Soon

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s final rule revising its Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illnesses regulation becomes effective on August 10, 2016. By that date, employers must have in place “a reasonable procedure” for employees to report work-related injuries and illnesses promptly and accurately. The procedure may not deter or discourage a reasonable employee from accurately reporting a workplace injury or illness.

The rule affects two sets of employers: those with 250 or more workers, and establishments in high-hazard industries with 20 to 249 workers. The final rule will require covered employers to electronically submit to OSHA injury and illness data that employers are already required to keep under existing OSHA regulations. OSHA intends to post the data from these submissions on a publicly accessible website. OSHA does not intend to post any information on the website that could be used to identify individual employees.

While the rule takes effect in August, reporting requirements will be phased in over time. Call MSEC for more information.