Wellness 101

Any workplace interested in wellness programs will benefit from the “Winning with Wellness” report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. It includes:

  • 10 Essential Steps in Designing a Workplace Wellness Program (p.7)
  • Win-Win Strategy for Employer/Employees (p.13)
  • Wellness Incentives: HIPAA, GINA, ADA, EEOC considerations (p.17)
  • Helpful resources (p.33)

The report provides data from successful wellness programs showing “well-designed wellness programs lead to a ROI ranging from $1.5 to more than $3 invested over a time frame of two to nine years”; additionally, “there are other benefits to these programs, such as increased job performance, overall well-being, and happy and thriving employees who contribute to business and community success.” “If your company needs help creating a wellness program, contact your MSEC staff representative.