What Follows an Employee Survey

A survey is a way to initiate communication with everyone within the organization, but communication should continue to expand in all directions after the survey concludes. Management commonly learns from a survey that employees do not feel there is enough communication within the organization. “Continuous listening”–the idea that employers should solicit feedback at frequent intervals–is an emerging HR trend and something you may wish to consider for your organization. It is a trend that will become more important as the Baby Boomers retire and the Millennials and even younger generations fill the workplace.

Workplace volatility is another reason to implement this practice, as organizations need to learn what employees think about certain aspects of the workplace sooner in order to respond more quickly.

The organization should plan on taking action after feedback is collected. For example, if the results of your survey conveyed that your employees want increased communication within the organization, implementing a continuous listening strategy can be linked back to the survey. Even if the employees’ feedback can’t be implemented for various reasons, you should address it and say that it is not plausible and/or reasonable to implement, rather than doing nothing with the information.

Utilizing an employee survey is a start on the right path to open the communication channel between all employees and the rest of the organization, but it can’t stop there.