HR Talent Lessons from a National Business Ranking

The MSEC region is an economic powerhouse on the 2016 CNBC America’s Top States for Business rankings; kudos to Utah for being #1! (Colorado at #3 is not far behind…)

Click here to view the whole list.

Digging into the data used to create these rankings reveals some useful insights for HR professionals in the MSEC region. Workforce quality, the most heavily weighted category, is of most practical interest to HR professionals and here the MSEC region performs strongly: Colorado #1, Arizona #5, Wyoming #6, Utah #12.

After reviewing the description of the workforce category, here are some talent take-aways for HR:

  • Is my organization taking advantage of local workforce development efforts?
  • Are there local workforce training programs that could help me fill my vacant positions or address skills gaps?
  • How can I successfully tap into the local pool of Talent?
  • If my organization relies on retaining a college-educated workforce, how can I leverage my state’s ranking to attract and retain them?
  • What is it about my state that attracts Talent in the first place, and how can I tap into that energy to the benefit of my organization?

Paradoxically, despite these high Workforce rankings, the MSEC region sinks when states are ranked by their education systems and quality: Wyoming #3, Utah #23, Colorado #25, Arizona #47. What talent lessons do these results offer HR professionals?

  • Future talent needs may need to be met by attracting out of state applicants.
  • Recruiting is global, not just local; how can I cost-effectively connect with far-flung candidates?
  • Is it possible to upskill local talent to help fill my organization’s workforce needs? What upskill training programs need to be developed?

For HR professionals in the MSEC region, these are just a few thoughts to consider. MSEC members are welcome to contact us for assistance with workforce challenges and training needs.