Changes and Best Practices for EEOC Digital Charge System

If your company has received a charge of discrimination from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in the past year or two, you’ve probably had the opportunity to experience the new EEOC Digital Charge System. The EEOC shared plans to expand the system at its 2016 EEOC Phoenix Seminar at the Black Canyon Conference Center on July 14, 2016. Patricia Miner, Senior Investigator for the EEOC, gave attendees information on how the Digital Charge System works and stated that Phase II of the system implementation will include the ability for individuals to file a charge of employment discrimination online rather than in person at an EEOC office. She also shared a best practice tip for employers who use the system. Ms. Miner suggested that companies consider using a “proxy” email address when interacting with the EEOC (such as that forwards messages to a defined list of people. This would help avoid missing correspondence from the EEOC due to an employee’s vacation or departure from the organization.

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