New Hires: Love ‘em or Lose ‘em!

The 2016 SHRM Human Capital Benchmarking Report offers some eye popping figures for all employers to consider. Consider these two survey results:

  • Cost per Hire: $4,100
  • Avg Annual T/O rate: 19%

As bad as these figures are, they don’t include hidden costs to turnover such as:

  • Reduced productivity
  • Low morale
  • Deadlines missed, sales lost, initiatives slowed, etc.

There is no silver bullet to solve this challenge, but a review of surveys and research offer tips to improve new employee retention and reduce turnover:

  • Hire carefully
    • Employers using targeted sourcing techniques, followed by skilled interviewing and valid assessment steps are more likely to find candidates that are a good match. A good match from the start is more likely to lead to a successful, long-term employment relationship!
  • Onboard and orient
    • New employees decide within one month of hire if their new employer is right for them, or if they need to find a new home. Employers must carefully plan a new employee’s first days/ weeks/ months to include meaningful opportunities to engage and connect with co-workers and the organization’s culture. They must feel supported, set up for success, and not “left in the weeds”. “Sink or swim” approaches leads to Lose-Lose, not Win-Win.
  • Culture
    • Employers with fun, engaging cultures of transparency and open communication that nurture meaningful relationships among employees are more likely to successfully engage new employees. Cultures that offer professional development/ career growth, mentoring and coaching are highly valued by new hires.
  • Competitive comp
    • New employees are working for a living, so be sure they earn a competitive wage! Otherwise, despite a great culture, they may be forced to leave just to pay their bills.
  • Meaningful benefits
    • Closely related to compensation, employers that provide choice in benefits are more valued today by new employees to meet their unique needs. Be creative and offer low or no-cost benefits like flexible work schedules; new hire today expect this to achieve work/ life balance. Personalized benefit options help offset lower wages.

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