Rejection Hurts

After weeks of calls, meetings, long talks and good laughs, a warm fuzzy feeling blossoms. And then just when it “felt right”, you took the leap and popped the question. “I think you’re perfect and would be honored if you helped us create a great future! Will you accept a job with our organization?”

Smiles quickly fade as the response is “Gee, I’d love to, but I’ve found another who is a better match for me and accepted their offer. Thanks anyway!” Crestfallen, ego bruised and battered, you ask yourself, “Where did it all go wrong?”

Anyone who has done hiring has experienced rejection, and members are telling us this is happening with greater regularity. Some applicants accept an offer and then don’t even show on Day 1! Welcome to the new reality of a tight job market where the labor supply/ demand equation favors the applicant.

There is no silver bullet solution to this frustrating situation, but the Harvard Business Review offers a useful idea to help employers identify where they fall short with desirable applicants and suffer rejection.  Conduct a “turn down” interview; ask those who turn down your job offer why they declined. (This can be a delicate conversation and the article provides helpful guidance.) Understanding your weaknesses will help you identify ways to improve your entire talent sourcing (a.k.a. recruiting) process.

Like a good friend, we’re there for you after being rejected! MSEC members are welcome to call us to cry on our shoulders and discuss talent challenges of all types.