Do You Know Your Title IX Requirements?

Title IX is a developing field, requiring all public and private elementary and secondary schools, school districts, colleges, and universities receiving any federal financial assistance to comply. Numerous publications exist that describe Title IX requirements in detail. Some of the basics, however, require educational institutions to:

  • Be proactive in ensuring that your campus is free of sex discrimination.
  • Have a Title IX Coordinator who manages complaints.
  • Assess current policies and procedures to determine Title IX compliance, and adequately disseminate those policies.

Also, as part of the institution’s Title IX policies, the institution needs to have procedures in place to “promptly and equitably resolve complaints alleging discrimination on the basis of sex.” This includes the need to promptly investigate complaints that fall under Title IX. There are limits on how long an institution may take to conduct an investigation under their grievance procedures. Schools should designate and publish “reasonably prompt time frames” for each stage of a case. The Office of Civil Rights expects a typical investigation to take about 60 calendar days, although they recognize that more complex cases may take longer (U.S. Dept. of Justice Title IX Legal Manual). It is also important to have an investigator that is properly trained and to adequately document your investigation process and findings.

MSEC has investigators trained in Title IX investigations if you need assistance to make sure you are compliant with your Title IX requirements. If you have questions or need assistance, call our investigations line at 800.884.1328.