Assessment Testing for Cultural Fit

MSEC has a tool available to our members that will help assess candidates’ cultural fit within the organization. The DeGarmo Matched Values Profile (MVP) allows the organization to create a custom benchmark to compare ratings of importance for 11 core work values:

  • Autonomy
  • Excitement
  • Enjoyment
  • Service
  • Cooperation
  • Materialism
  • Authority
  • Achievement
  • Status
  • Structure
  • Inclusion

Once the benchmark is created, members can review and make adjustments, if necessary. The established benchmark is then compared to a candidate’s results to determine if he or she would be a good cultural match (Strong Match, Moderate Match, or Weak Match). The report will show the candidate’s overall alignment with the organizational benchmark as well as individual work values.

The MVP consists of 55 questions that ask the candidate to rate work values on a scale of importance. This assessment is administered exclusively online and can be taken by candidates anywhere. It takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Companies can use this assessment for a variety of different positions (entry level to executive management) within the organization, and it can also be used to enhance organizational alignment with work values among existing employees. Work-value similarity leads to higher levels of commitment to the organization, job satisfaction, and performance.

Please contact MSEC so that we can provide you with more information about the DeGarmo MVP at testing@