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Survey News.Blog2016 Health Care Compensation Survey

The 2016 Health Care Compensation Survey features two sections, one for Hospital and 24 hour operations—featuring 266 positions—and a Clinic section with 36 surveyed positions for a total of 302 positions. Out of the 302 jobs, there were 12 new positions and 13 positions that changed job title and/or job description in this year’s survey. Hospital executive positions are also included in this survey in a separate appendix.

The survey includes wage data submitted by 51 hospitals and clinics located in Colorado and Wyoming. In addition to the Front Range, Colorado participation also includes the Western Slope and Mountain Resort areas.

Along with salary data, participants also reported percentage increases in pay and pay ranges for 2015 and projections for 2016 and 2017 for the following categories: Nurses, Managers/Supervisors, and All Other Employees. Included in the survey this year is the average turnover data for nurses, as well as Mid-Level position average salaries. Wage and Supervisory/Management data are displayed by Geographic Location, All Colorado without Government and Clinics and Net Operating Revenue (under $250,000,000 and $250,000,000 or more) when sufficient data are reported.

2016 Colorado REA Compensation Survey

The 2016 Colorado Rural Electric Association Compensation Survey is now available. This survey provides wage and salary information in 22 Colorado Rural Electric Associations for 53 positions. Salary data are displayed by employment size. Also included are compensation costs as percent of operating revenue and total revenue, average entry-level hiring rates for inside and outside positions, SCADA rates of pay for office and field personnel, and flexible work schedules.

Survey Data Online

The above two surveys are available in a PDF and spreadsheet formats via the MSEC website. For the compensation surveys the PDF document contains the job description for each position surveyed as well as the general information statistics such as pay increases and turnover figures. The PDF documents are linked and bookmarked for ease of navigating the survey. The spreadsheet format contains data for each position in an easily searchable, uploadable format. Still prefer to have a hard copy? No problem! Call or email the Surveys Department and we will be happy to drop one in the mail for you.

Union Wage Increases are Up from Last Year

Union wage increases, collectively through July 25, 2016, averaged 2.5 percent, up from 2.2 percent reported in the comparable period of 2015. The industry group with the greatest increase in first-year wage increases (lump sums not factored) from 2015 was once again construction, which increased from 2.8 percent to 3.2 percent. There were no industries reporting decreases.  For first-year wage increases (lump sums factored), the construction industry had the greatest increase—from 2.8 percent to 3.2—percent in 2016. These data are compiled by the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA).

By major industrial groups the average first-year wage increases, year-to-date was:

Survey Chart 1









Survey Chart 2








Notice of Surveys Being Conducted

  • Hospitality Industry Compensation Survey (includes Casinos, Hotels and Country Clubs)
  • Construction Industry Compensation Survey
  • Non-Profit/Foundation Compensation Survey