Shhh! Quiet Revolution at Work

A recent Deloitte report indicates that Millennials are quietly revolutionizing workplaces. With millions in their 30’s, over half employed in management and moving up fast, they are challenging business as usual” norms. Organizations who quickly adapt their cultures to this generation’s expectations will maximize their potential. Here are five culture essentials Millennial employees crave in your workplace:

  • First, work must be purpose driven and not soley profit-focused
  • Encourage employees to invent new ways to problem solve and improve operations
  • Provide flexible career pathways instead of a “one size fits all” ladder
  • Facilitate collaboration and invest in new tech that supports communication and innovation
  • Embrace new approaches to challenges, don’t settle for “tried and true” methods

How does your workplace culture measure up? Is it ready to maximize the potential contributions of all generations in the workforce?

MSEC helps members improve their cultures to adapt with changing times. If you’re struggling with high turnover among Millennial employees, want to maximize their potential, or are challenged with other aspects involving generational differences in your workplace, contact us today.