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The 2016 Health & Welfare Plans Survey has been published. There were 385 participants located throughout Colorado and Wyoming, 43 participants in Arizona and 72 participants from Utah. Data for this survey can be accessed online by geographic location, organization employment size, and industry type.

Health Care Costs

Data from the survey show the average monthly COBRA rate for coverage is:









The average percent of health coverage paid by the employer is:








How popular are High Deductible Health Plans in employers’ health insurance options? According to the survey, organizations offering a High Deductible Health Plan were reported by 72 percent of respondents in Arizona, 55 percent in Colorado, 59 percent in Utah, and 63 percent in Wyoming. The percentages of respondents offering a Health Savings Account and/or Health Reimbursement Arrangement as an option number as follows: 70 percent in Arizona, 52 percent in Colorado, 59 percent in Utah, and 63 percent in Wyoming.

With the ever-increasing cost of health insurance premiums, what cost containment techniques did respondents utilize?








Premium increases at last renewal were reported by 57 percent of Arizona respondents with an average  increase of 12 percent; 72 percent of Colorado respondents with an average increase of 8 percent; 76 percent of Utah respondents with an average increase of 8 percent; and 50 percent of Wyoming respondents with an average increase of 9 percent.

The 2016 Housing Authority/Property Management Survey collected data for 24 jobs.  Thirteen organizations reported data for both the business classification positions and the property classification. The survey also includes the average percentage increases in pay and structures for 2015 and projections for 2016 and 2017.

The 2016 Ski Industry Compensation Survey is now available. Twelve Colorado ski organizations contributed data to the 142 surveyed jobs. Also contained in this report are entry-level pay rates, pay increases granted for the 2015-2016 ski season, and projections for the 2017 season. The general information also displays data related to equipment allowances, skiing privileges, certification pay, and ski school information. Compensation is displayed by company employment size.

Notice of Surveys Being Conducted

  • Mental Health Compensation Survey
  • Non-Profit Compensation Survey
  • Senior Services Compensation Survey

2016 Paid Time Off Policies SurveyArizona, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming

Do you often wonder how many weeks of paid vacation an employee receives after one year of service? Or how much sick time a nonexempt employee receives in a year? Well, MSEC’s biennial Paid Time Off Policies Survey collects data related to unlimited time off, vacation, sick, Paid Time Off plans, holiday, bereavement leave, the Family and Medical Leave Act, inclement weather, and other paid-time-off policies. Help us produce a valuable resource your organization can use when benchmarking paid time off benefits by participating in the 2016 edition of the survey.

This survey is being conducted online. Emails with a link and access code to participation were sent on September 6. If you have not received this email, please call the Surveys Department to get your password to complete the questionnaire. For individuals who prefer to complete a paper questionnaire, a hard copy version is available on our website at under “Survey Questionnaires.”

As always, it is the participation of our members that makes MSEC surveys the number-one data source for the region!