Summer is Over: Have Your Employees Used their Vacation Time?

Labor Day usually marks the end of the summer vacation season for employees. What percentage of employees in your organization used their vacation time? According to a U.S. Travel Association survey, on average workers leave a minimum of three unused vacation days per year. There are many reasons employees don’t take their allotted vacation. Following are the top five reasons according to the U.S. Travel Association’s Time Off Survey.

  1. Fear of returning to a mountain of work (40 percent)
  2. The belief that nobody else can do the job (35 percent)
  3. Inability to afford taking time off (33 percent)
  4. Fear of being seen as replaceable (22 percent)
  5. To show greater dedication to the company and the job (28 percent)

Research shows that taking a vacation will benefit both the employee and employer. One recent study by Forbes revealed the following workplace benefits employees experience when taking a vacation:

  • higher productivity
  • stronger workplace morale
  • greater employee retention
  • improved health benefits

What vacation benefits are MSEC employers providing to their employees? Following is information from MSEC’s 2014 Paid Time Off Survey for Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming employers. The data for Utah employers is from the 2015 EAA National Policies & Benefits Survey. Watch for the 2016 edition of the survey to publish in December 2016.








If you need coverage for you employees while they are on vacation, contact MSEC’s HR Professional Staffing Services. We can help you get the help you need.