Drug and Alcohol Testing

MSEC has partnered with Alere eScreen to provide drug-and-alcohol testing services to MSEC members, integrated with our current secure online system for Pre-Employment Screening (PES). Alere eScreen offers a wide range of drug-and-alcohol tests that can help MSEC members implement a comprehensive and cost-effective screening program. MSEC currently offers six products:

  1. eCup Instant Test – 5 Panel: These results are available within 20 minutes of the collection
  2. 5-Panel Drug Screen– No THC: This test will be significant for those members in states with recreational marijuana laws (e.g., Colorado and Washington).
  3. 9-Panel Drug Screen
  4. 10-Panel Drug Screen
  5. Breath Alcohol Testing
  6. Department of Transportation/FMSCA

When an applicant/employee tests negative, the results are available promptly through the PES online system. If there is a non-negative result, the information will go to a Medical Review Officer (MRO) for further investigation, which can take three to five days. The MRO is an advocate for the applicant/employee to investigate the nature of the non-negative result.

The whole process is done electronically. Even the Chain of Custody is electronically processed, with the exception of a DOT request. The member will enter the screen they would like processed and an email will then be sent to the applicant/employee to select a collection site based on their zip code. We can also change the member’s product setting to be able to choose which collection site an applicant/employee goes to in case of suspected intoxication. All results are reported via email notification directly to the member in an easy-to-read format.

For additional information or questions please contact the Pre-Employment Screening department at pes@msec.org or call 800.884.1328.