Increase Your Recruiting Odds – Use EVP

Recruiting remains challenging, and we all know it can be costly. One metric used in recruiting is “time to fill,” defined as the average amount of time it takes an organization to fill a position once the job requisition has been approved. We have watched this measurement increase over the past several years, and many link this to a couple of key factors, including the economy. The U.S. economy has rebounded from the 2008 crash and new and different avenues have opened for organizations to hire. This has caused many employees who would otherwise stay to explore opportunities elsewhere, resulting in a spike in turnover.

The workforce is a key area for recruiting. The workforce can be the group of people within your organization or a group of people available for work. The internal workforce can be a good place to start, especially if there is a defined succession plan in place or a talent pool available. In order to be successful in recruiting and to overcome the factors listed above, organizations must become well versed in explaining and demonstrating their Employee Value Proposition (EVP). The EVP can be the most productive tool in attracting, recruiting, and retaining employees. The EVP can answer questions like, “Why would qualified and talented people want to work at this organization?” or “What makes this organization an employer of choice?” or “What makes this organization different from others?”

Recognizing the various recruiting challenges and combating them with an EVP is one way to help attract and retain qualified and talented people. Figure out what your organization does to make it unique and highlight those areas when recruiting.

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