Colorado Raises Minimum Wage with Amendment 70

Colorado will raise its minimum wage in increments from the current $8.31 an hour to $12 an hour by 2020 as a result of yesterday’s election. The minimum wage will be increased on January 1 of each year as follows:

2017 – $9.30

2018 – $10.20

2019 – $11.10

2020 – $12

Minimum wage for tipped workers will remain at $3.02 less than the state minimum wage. Therefore, Amendment 70 increases the tipped minimum wage to $8.98 per hour plus tips by 2020. On January 1, 2021, minimum wage will adjust each year based on cost-of-living increases.

In MSEC’s 2016 Colorado Benchmark Compensation Survey, out of 429 employers and 409 jobs surveyed, only six respondents were paying below the new $9.30 minimum wage in the following 10 job titles:

Administrative Assistant I (Entry Level)

Customer Service Representative I (Entry Level)

Driver I

Manufacturing – Machine Operators – Entry

Manufacturing – Operators/Assembler – Entry

Messenger, Office/Courier

Office Janitor

Plant Janitor/Sanitation

Quality Inspector/Auditor I (Entry Level)


There are 71 organizations reporting out of 429 in the survey who pay below $12 per hour across 48 different job titles in the survey.

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