Poster Update Service

Mandatory federal and state updates to posting requirements in 2016 showed how difficult it can be to stay current with an array of constantly changing regulations. While tracking federal and state regulatory changes is difficult enough, more and more cities are also enacting posting requirements.

MSEC’s annual Poster Update Service subscription solves the problem of staying current with posting requirements. MSEC constantly monitors mandatory changes to federal, state, and city posting requirements. With a Poster Update Service subscription for each of your locations, MSEC automatically sends the latest required poster whenever a labor-law posting change takes place. The Poster Update Service ensures that employers never again have to worry about whether their federal, state, or city posters are up-to-date.

The Poster Update Service includes:

  • All required postings
  • Twelve-month subscription
  • Flat-fee per posting location
  • Shipping directly to affected posting locations whenever a poster changes
  • Unlimited guarantee against government compliance fines
  • Compliance with all agency requirements for type size, posting size, and color
  • Poster QR code for mobile device audits to determine instantly if a poster is compliant

To begin the Poster Update Service subscription, or to order an updated poster, contact MSEC’s posters team at 800.884.1328 or