Where Are Pay Increases Headed in 2017?

Projections for 2017 pay increases are holding steady around 2.6 percent to 3.1 percent, depending on the geographic area. Despite a low unemployment rate, employers in the Rocky Mountain region are not projecting significantly higher 2017 pay increases vs. 2016 increases. MSEC recently asked employers in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming to report the average projected 2017 pay increases for their “average” or “typical” employee and the top performer.

2017 Projected Increases* by Geographic Area                                       Percentage of Employees Expected to Receive a 2017 Pay Increase

2017-projected-increases-by-geographic-areapercentage-of-employees-expected-to-receive-a-2017-pay-increase* Includes organizations reporting a 0-percent increase (pay freeze).

The survey reports 2017 projected pay and salary range increases by detailed geographic location, industry type, and organization employment size. In addition, the survey reports the projected pay and salary range increases without 0-percent increases included (pay freezes). The 2016 Planning Packet Survey includes data from 492 organizations across the four states surveyed.

In 2017, both Colorado and Utah survey respondents are anticipating slightly higher pay increase projections vs. 2016, which were both at 2.8 percent. Respondents in Arizona and Wyoming are both projecting slightly lower 2017 increases vs. 2016 projections.business-trends

New in this year’s Planning Packet Survey is a Business Trends section. In this section, we asked employers their outlook for the 2017 economy and sales revenue growth. For the economy, respondents reported whether they felt the 2017 economy would be better, the same, or worse than the 2016 economy. For sales revenue growth, respondents selected whether they felt 2017 vs. 2016 would be a significant increase, slight increase,flat (no increase), slight decrease, or significant decrease.

For more information on 2017 projected pay and salary range increases, business trends, and staffing/hiring levels, click here to download the 2016 Planning Packet Survey from MSEC’s website. Utah Grandfathered members may purchase a copy of the survey by contacting surveys@msec.org.