Gathering Different Perspectives

With the end of the year approaching, now is the ideal time to gather data to help set goals for 2017. MSEC’s Multi-Rater Performance Evaluation lets you capture a variety of different perspectives on the past performance of an employee to help set appropriate goals for the next year.

Capturing different perspectives helps point out any “disconnects” and where they may exist. This tool provides a report that compares how the raters evaluated an individual’s performance versus how they rated themselves. This process allows us to determine if there is a gap between self-perception and the perception of survey participants. We are able to show the differences and/or similarities in a variety of different ways with the new platform. Here is an example:









Our Multi-Rater Performance Evaluation tool will allow members to customize the questions that are asked, choose and customize the relationship(s) of who will be completing the survey, compare previous year’(s’) data (if applicable), compare company-wide data (if applicable), and view the results within a short timeframe after the survey has closed.

Our tool is fully customizable to ensure you receive the most value out of the data. If you have a similar tool that you have used in the past, we can use the same questions and/or past data in order to continue with the same questions for future historical comparison. Similarly, if you have previous goals that were set, we can help to turn them into questions to use on the Multi-Rater Performance Evaluation.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about this tool, please contact Outsourced Consulting Services for more information at 800.884.1328 or email