Getting the Workplace Resources You Need

As the Director of Member Engagement, I want all members to realize the value of their memberships. Part of this is understanding what we do, and part is understanding where we fit in relation to other HR vendors.

MSEC is here to help create an effective workplace. Every employer wants the right employee in the right position, and we help you remain competitive with others in your industry by arming you with the best data on current salaries and common benefit offerings.

We can survey your staff to find out what benefits they value or help you understand the results of our existing benefits surveys. We can talk to you about the newest benefits on the market. You can use all of this information with your benefits broker to get the most for your employees for the lowest cost.

Setting up strong HR practices is important, and we put a multitude of resources at your fingertips through our website. We can help you get the most out of your HRIS and Payroll software so you can use them properly and effectively. Our attorneys help you ensure you’re in compliance, and they provide expert legal advice on employment law issues when you need it, so you can focus on your business.

When helping you create your effective workplace, we can assist with safe workplace practices to lower your risk of workers’ compensation claims. We also help employers grappling with difficult workers’ compensation issues by ensuring they have sound legal advice and a game plan for getting what they need from their workers’ compensation carrier. We can also bring you up to speed on how unemployment compensation works and represent you during claims when necessary.

Finally, we help develop your organization, your leadership team, and your employees through coaching and training. We can help you assess your learning gaps and either provide training for you or help you set up training programs in-house.

In every area, we can work with you to improve your workplace and make you shine. Start today to get the most out of your membership.