Get Out!

Is 2017 off to a stressful start? You’re not alone! A new Accountemps survey indicates 60 percent of employees are more stressed now than five years ago. Happily, the survey also provides tips for employees and employers to manage and reduce stress – check them out!

Other studies note stress negatively impacts sleep, and not getting enough sleep contributes to stress.

How to break this vicious cycle?

Turns out some of the best Rx has labels like Wasatch, Sawatch, Superstition, Sangre De Cristo, Wind River … The best destressing sleep inducers are all natural and in our very own backyard!

Research described in a recent LA Times article indicates camping and hiking in the great outdoors resets our circadian clock; this improves sleep patterns and boosts our ability to manage stress.

So get out, take a hike, get a good night’s sleep and come back new and improved!