Employee Value Proposition: What’s yours?

Nike? Under Armour? Zappos? Top-performing organizations build company loyalty among employees just like they build consumer brand loyalty to a product. As your marketing team develops your consumer brand, Human Resources should work with senior leadership and marketing to define the organization’s employment brand, focusing specifically on the employee value proposition (EVP).

EVP is the total value an employee receives from the employer, including: compensation, benefits, workplace/lifestyle balance, career development, challenging and meaningful work, employee pride, personal achievement, alluring organizational culture, etc. Ultimately, it’s the experience offered by an employer in exchange for the work and performance of an employee. Your EVP should answer the question, “What do we expect you to give, and what should you expect to get in return?”

In order to attract, motivate, and retain employees, the employer must be strategic in its EVP design. Take these steps to define an EVP that holds true for all staff and empowers their performance:

1. Talk to employees: Ask what they like most about working there and what they would change. Ask prospective staff what they have heard about you as an employer.

2. Find common themes: Combine the feedback into key themes.

3. Re-test for more feedback: Consider whether the insights provided by employees reflects what you want the employee experience to be at your organization, and whether there are aspects of feedback you need to act upon for a more positive EVP.

4. Launch your EVP and embed it within your employee experience. Just like launching a marketing brand, your EVP needs to be part of all your staff and recruitment messaging. Incorporate it into social media activities so you can build a pipeline of potential talent who will be attracted to your organization for all the right reasons.

With a strong EVP—one that clearly lays out what you expect of your employees and what your employees can expect from you—your organization will be able to achieve much more than it otherwise could.