Take the Stress out of Opinion Surveys

Now is a great time to start collecting data that you can use throughout the upcoming year for various tasks. Whether this be for a broader employee-opinion survey or a more specific and targeted survey, MSEC can help!

Here are some topics that MSEC can help your organization with:

  • If you currently conduct an employee survey in-house and would like the advantage of outsourcing it to a
    third party
  • If you need employee feedback on a specific topic (for example, benefits changes)
  • If you need assistance in developing questions for a survey (for example, incorporating your mission, vision, and values into your survey)
  • If you would like MSEC to review your survey for feedback/suggestions
  • If you would like to collect feedback from different sources concerning someone‚Äôs performance
  • If you would like to collect data when individuals are exiting the organization
  • If you would like to collect data from customers
  • Etc.

There are really no limits on how MSEC can help you collect pertinent information from your employees, customers, and stakeholders.
Here are a few advantages to having MSEC conduct your survey:

  • Third-party, non-biased approach
  • Confidentiality
  • On average, employees trust the process and are more willing to provide good feedback due to the aggregate format of the results
  • Responses remain anonymous
  • Validated questions with normative data (for an employee survey)
  • Our experience and expertise to add perspective to your results and the process
  • Suggestions for additional resources based on the results
  • Reduce the administrative tasks (and stress) for you and your organization
  • Establishing trust with employees by soliciting their feedback to take into consideration before changes are made that affect them

Contact cos@msec.org or 800.884.1328 to discuss your specific survey needs, review the current resources that we have available, and create a plan for your next survey.