Member Profile – Sweet Candy Company

In 1892, Leon Sweet started Sweet Candy Company in Portland, Oregon. In the beginning, the company manufactured just a few varieties of candy. But what Leon offered for sale had two distinguishing characteristics: the candy was mostly made by hand, and folks loved it! They said it was because of the quality.

In 1900, Leon moved the operation to Salt Lake City and merged several small, specialty candy companies into one general-line candy-manufacturing company. Over the years, Sweet’s has become innovative and more automated. They have increased the number of products made and expanded the marketing area. Today, there are more than 250 Sweet’s Quality Candy items distributed internationally in bulk, bags, and boxes. But the company is perhaps still best known for the old favorites: Chocolate Orange Sticks, Salt Water Taffy, and Cinnamon Bears.

Company management passed from Leon to his son Jack Sweet (in 1950) and from Jack to his son Tony Sweet (in 1983). Tony’s daughter Rachel Sweet-Martin and nephew Rick Kay own and manage the company today. Fifth-generation family members are also employed by the company.

Sweet Candy Company moved from its downtown Salt Lake City factory—where it had been for 90 years—to a newly built candy factory near the airport in 1999. The company has just finished an expansion to its factory and continues to grow sales. The company now has almost 200 skilled candy makers working two shifts to make quality candy! The public is welcome to schedule a tour of the factory and enjoy the fresh factory candy outlet at 3780 West Directors Row, Salt Lake City, 84104.

Sweet Candy Company management has relied upon the advice of MSEC (and the previous Employers Council and Industrial Relations Council of Utah) for 75 years. Company management has also served on the Board of Directors of MSEC and previous entities for much of that time. Currently, Curtis Andersen, CFO, serves on MSEC’s Board.

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