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National Sales Compensation Survey

Without a talented sales force, even the best products won’t sell. Do you need reliable sales-compensation data to analyze your current compensation structure for your sales staff? If so, the National Sales Compensation Survey will provide you with current market data on hard-to-find sales positions. 

The most recent survey contains data reported by 14 employer associations across the country, representing 875 companies. The survey comprises 11,283 employees reported across 1,029 locations representing six regions. The report includes 15 benchmark sales positions in the following seven job families:

  • Executive
  • Sales Manager
  • National Accounts Manager
  • International Sales Representative/Account Executive
  • Outside Sales Representative/Account Executive
  • Inside Sales Representative
  • Order Processing/Route Sales Representative

The National Sales Compensation Survey is free to MSEC participants of the survey, and a pdf version of the final report is available to non-participants for $75. To review the table of contents and participating organizations of this valuable report, go to the MSEC website Survey Results page.

Union Wage Increases are Down Slightly from 2016

First-year union wage increases, collectively bargained in 2017, for all industries without lump sums factored, was 2.7 percent. This is down from the 2.8 percent reported in 2016. When lump-sum payments were included, the all-industries average for first-year wage increases in 2016 was 2.9 percent, which is consistent with the 2.9 percent reported for 2017. 

The manufacturing sector showed an average increase of 2.1 percent, compared with 2.4 percent in 2016. The non-manufacturing (excluding construction) agreements average increase fell to 3.4 percent in 2017 from 3.6 percent in 2016. The following data are published by the Bureau of National Affairs.















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