Keeping the Employee Life Cycle Moving

Mountain States Employers Council’s Outsourced Consulting Services (OCS) has established a regional footprint in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah to work in partnership with our members through the entire employment cycle.

How do we do it and why? To begin, our team delivers a variety of strategic HR services to members at a time when they need it the most. It is through our commitment to professionalism, expertise, and a customized member-centric approach that our consultants strive to achieve a sustainable HR solution to support your organization’s goals.

We are in business to help you deliver the best business!

OCS Services for the employee life cycle

In the beginning, there is the hiring process, and we can provide:
• Pre-Employment Screening
• Employee Testing Assessments

As we bring employees on board, we need handbooks, policies, and a smooth-running HR department. If you need someone for a short-term project, to replace someone in HR on leave, want a review of the department, or want assistance on a long term basis, look to us:
• HR Professional Staffing

Part of the reason we go to work is to get paid, and you want a total-rewards structure that makes sense for your organization. We help create that strong foundation:
• Compensation and Benefit Design

Along the way, you may want to know how employees view the organization. Your workplace can benefit from MSEC’s engagement surveys, as well as others you might consider:
• Custom Opinion Survey

Finally, when it’s time to end the employment relationship, whether it be to help an employee find that next position during a difficult ending to their work with you, or due to the end of working, we can help:
• Career Transition Services
• Retirement Readiness

Learn more by contacting at or 800.884.1328.