Public Employer Wage Transparency Bill approved by Colorado Senate

HB17-1269, which provides public employees in Colorado the same protections to share and discuss wage data as currently enjoyed by employees in the private sector, received final approval from the Colorado Senate on April 20, 2017. Currently under Colorado law, employers that are exempt from the federal National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) are not included in the state prohibition against engaging in discriminatory or unfair employment practices, such as disciplining or discharging employees, who inquired about, disclosed, compared, or otherwise discussed the employee’s wages. The bill removes that exemption from the law and would apply the current law to those classes of employers, namely federal, state, and local governments, thereby extending wage transparency protections to all employees. The bill received approval from the House on April 4, 2017, and is now with Gov. Hickenlooper for approval. If enacted into law, the bill is anticipated to go into effect on August 9, 2017, provided the General Assembly adjourns as scheduled.