The Power of Influence

Leaders are masters of Influence. According to Tony Robbins, “There is no more important skill in leadership than influence.” Robbins goes as far to say, “If you can’t influence, you can’t lead. There are no secrets to business. Influence with integrity is the secret.”

Do not confuse influence with selling. It is NOT selling. It’s about turning a vision into reality by ethically inspiring thoughts and behaviors in others. It is also about empowering others to be influencers.

So what will influence people? Facts and figures? Compliance? No. Human emotion.

We are emotional beings, and when we connect with others through positive emotions we can influence systems, people, and culture. People have a need for safety (emotionally, physiologically, and physically). They have a need for certainty and to be seen as significant. If a leader can genuinely connect with people by understanding a person’s values, interests, and motivations, then they can influence them. To influence another person you have to know what already influences them.