Making HR Better

The 2017 Mercer “How HR Needs to Change” research summary* offers plenty of high-level insight about what large corporations are doing to improve their HR practices, including:

  • Evolve the Model: centralize HR services, create COEs (Centers of Excellence)
  • Build Capability: align with business strategy, continually evolve the role of HR staff towards HR as a Business Partner (HRBP)
  • Invest in Technology: secure technology to improve decision making and data resources

Some MSEC members are relatively small businesses, and sometimes “HR” means the business owner, or Office Manager or other “wearer of many hats”! So what can HR shops of all sizes learn from this survey of major global corporations?

  • Alignment: HR professionals must align their efforts with business objectives.
  • Business: To achieve the greatest success, HR professionals of all types must continually develop their business acumen.
  • Centralize: To ensure consistency and compliance, centralize HR-related key decision making. Delegation is fine, but inconsistent HR practices and decisions are counter-productive and costly to the organization.
  • Data: Identify ways to gather data and use to inform decision-making around all HR practices: hiring, compensation, benefits, performance, etc.
  • HRBP: HR professionals must understand how the business operates and what it takes to succeed.
  • Technology: Look for ways to leverage technology, especially for transactional HR tasks.

MSEC membership provides know-how, data, guidance, and expertise to improve HR at any size organization. Our cost-effective training resources help HR professionals of all levels (including those who wear the HR Hat and many others!) develop their knowledge and business acumen.

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