Q & A – Do I have to provide FMLA notices?

Q: Do I have to provide FMLA notices?

A: Yes. An employer must provide certain notices within designated timeframes. Although the specific notice form samples provided through the U.S. Department of Labor are not required, any notice provided by the employer in response to an FMLA leave request must contain the same information provided in such samples. Thus, employers may wish to simply use the Department of Labor sample notices. The required notices include the Eligibility Notice (provided within 5 days of a request for FMLA leave), the medical certification form (if the employer requires a medical certification to assess the FMLA leave request), and the Designation Notice (to inform the employee of the amount of time off approved and the range of dates). Employers Council can provide federal sample forms in both English and Spanish.  These are the federal law requirements.  State law may vary.  Please check with Employers Council to learn about state law differences.

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