Veterans’ Employment Update

According to the April 2017 monthly report from the Veterans’ Employment and Training Service, the unemployment rate for veterans is 3.7 percent, just below the non-veteran rate of 3.9 percent. While the overall numbers look good, underemployment of veterans is still rampant, according to a March 2017 article in MilitaryTimes.

The article argues that corporate America has been slow to understand and translate the skills of former service members into meaningful work in the private sector. In the article, Eric Eversole, president of Hiring Our Heroes, points out that young service members “don’t know what they don’t know about corporate America.” His organization has started working with active-duty service members to prepare for civilian life through hiring events and skills training.

Skills veterans can bring to the workplace include teamwork, a strong work ethic, the ability to handle stressful situations, technological proficiency, and international experience. Employers who find ways to channel these skills will have access to a valuable recruiting pool.

To provide information about hiring vets, each state has a Veterans’ Program under that state’s Department of Labor. To get started in your state, click here and look for “Hire A Veteran” in the top menu bar.