President Signs Executive Order Expanding Apprenticeships

Last week, President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order titled, “Expanding Apprenticeships in America” calling for rigorous evaluation of current apprenticeship and workforce-development programs. Employers would have greater discretion in designing these job training programs under the Order’s directives.

The Order asserts that existing programs are not effectively serving American workers and would expand apprenticeships and reform workforce development programs to arm workers with skills for obtaining higher-paying jobs.

The Order seeks to:

  • Establish apprenticeships;
  • Address apprenticeship funding;
  • Expand access to apprenticeships;
  • Promote apprenticeship programs at colleges and universities; and
  • Establish a task force on apprenticeship expansion, to be chaired by the Secretary of Labor.

The Order also calls for increased reporting regarding the effectiveness of workforce development programs. The information would be used to inform future budgeting.