Effective Onboarding

Have you evaluated your onboarding program recently? Are you asking your newer employees for feedback on their onboarding experiences? The trend is toward more systematic, individualized onboarding and away from the one day/one week fire hose of information.

Most of us do not look forward to sitting in rooms for six to eight hours just listening. Is there a way to break up the information in the days and weeks after the employee begins? Consider recruiting other employees in the organization to take part in onboarding. Instead of relegating the task to HR, ask your more enthusiastic and welcoming employees to play a role.

Here are some popular and successful trends that employers have implemented:

  • Sending welcome letters to the new employee with information on their first day/first week, where to park, what to wear, plans for lunch.
  • Making certain that the work station and supervisor/mentor is ready to greet the new employee (you would not believe the stories of employees’ first days).
  • Introductions to key people and the workplace in the first few days can give the new employee a sense of belonging as well as a feeling they made the right decision.
  • A training schedule as well as an orientation checklist so that both the employer and employee know what information is to be included in the first days/weeks.

And finally, have a system of gathering feedback from the employee on their onboarding–whether it is a survey or a face-to-face gathering in 30 or 60 days.

A good onboarding program allows an employer to perpetually recruit their employees.