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2017 Information Technology Compensation Survey

The 2017 Information Technology Compensation Survey is now available. This survey collected data from 463 organizations on 87 benchmark positions.

Data in this survey are reported by Information Technology Department Size and Geographic Location. The 2017 survey includes Denver/Boulder, Northern Colorado, Southern Colorado, Colorado Western Slope, Colorado Resort areas, Utah, Wyoming, and Arizona. Displayed in the report are individual data lines for each geographic location as well as an All Front Range, All Colorado, and Total Response data line. In addition, the data are also displayed by Less than 5 IT Employees, 5-10 IT Employees, 11-20 IT Employees, 21-50 IT Employees, and 51 or More IT Employees. This survey gathered base wages effective January 1, 2017.

Included in the Survey:

Annual Incentive – Participants were asked to provide annual incentives for the past fiscal/calendar year. Data reported are average incentives paid and number of employees receiving an incentive.

Target % Incentive – Participants were asked to provide targeted percentage figures for additional compensation, not earned income, for the current year.

Exemption Status – Participants were asked to identify their matched position as exempt or nonexempt.

2017 Information Technology Compensation Survey – Participant Analysis

The two charts below display the participant analysis of organizations who reported data in the 2017 IT Survey. Forty percent of organizations reporting data have IT departments with five or fewer employees. If you look at the geographic breakout of the data, 45 percent of the sample is in the Denver/Boulder area.

How Do 2017 Salaries for 10 Benchmark IT Jobs Compare to 2016?

The following chart is a two-year comparison of 10 core benchmark IT jobs. As you will notice from the data, there is not significant variance in the weighted average reported for these 10 jobs. However, three of the positions reporting decreases from the 2016 survey are the Systems Analyst (Journey) with a 3.4 percent decrease, Systems Administrator (Journey) with a 2.8 percent decrease, and the Program Manager (Journey) with a 2.5 percent decrease. The position with the greatest increase out of these 10 jobs is the Webmaster (Journey) with an 11 percent increase.

Survey Data Online

MSEC’s Information Technology Survey and other compensation surveys are available in a PDF and spreadsheet via the MSEC website, For compensation surveys, the PDF document contains the job description for each position surveyed as well as the general information statistics such as pay increases and turnover figures. The PDF documents are linked and bookmarked for ease of navigating the survey. The spreadsheet format contains data for each position in a searchable and uploadable format. Benefits surveys are available in a PDF format that are also linked and bookmarked for your convenience. Still prefer to have a hard copy? No problem! Call or email the Surveys Department and we will be happy to drop one in the mail for you.

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