New! Employers Summit 2017: Beyond Traditional Benefits … Coming to Colorado and Utah

Like many other aspects of our lives, the business world is changing—and fast! Businesses increasingly must rely on their employees to make the organization successful. How can you create an environment for your employees that will ensure they continue to contribute their best efforts to accomplishing those goals?

For years, our Benefits Update Conference provided information on the various employer-sponsored benefits, how they help to attract and retain employees, and how to manage those plans. But it takes more than just benefits to create a great employment experience for your employees, and we wanted to expand the scope of the conference to include these other factors.

Creating employee engagement requires a multifaceted approach from employers as different generations and individuals look to the workplace to meet different needs. How can business and HR professionals lead, develop an engaging environment, and provide employees with the motivation to support business growth and success?

MSEC’s new conference, Employers Summit 2017: Beyond Traditional Benefits, can help HR and business leaders challenge their thinking about what employees receive from the workplace in exchange for helping their employers meet the challenges of the changing economy. We are excited to bring this new offering to our Colorado and Utah members!

The Summit will provide thought-provoking information on multiple ways to engage and reward your employees. You can explore topics from the conference’s three learning tracks, Compensation and Benefits, Leadership, and Culture, to delve deeper into how your leadership, culture, and employee rewards work to support the success of your organization.

The conference format has been updated and includes:

  • Keynote session
  • Two-hour workshops to examine information in depth
  • One-hour break out update sessions
  • Pre- and post-conference topical discussions (for our Colorado conferences)


The conference provides the opportunity to broaden your understanding of what employees want from their workplace, how you can provide it, and how that affects your bottom line.