Getting the Right Talent: Do You Have a Plan?

Autumn is upon us, and for many people, that means the return of football season. Fans are getting excited about their favorite teams, be they college, pro, or both. One question on the minds of fervent supporters everywhere is, “Does my team have enough talent to succeed?” In other words, does the team have the right people in the right places to snatch that coveted trophy at the end of the season? Ask any coach of any team, and he or she will tell you that you can have all the wonderful schemes and techniques in the world, but you won’t win many games without that one common denominator that all winners have: talent. Without it, it’s nearly impossible to be competitive.

This concept applies to the workplace, as well. Whether an organization is a public or private entity, the acquisition and retention of talent is the most critical factor to sustain long-term success and viability. To put it rather simply, winning organizations are able to attract and keep the “difference makers,” as coaches like to call them, while the struggling organizations don’t.

So, how do you ensure that you are bringing on folks with the “right stuff” to help your organization reach its goals and objectives? Like most endeavors, it’s important to have a plan, which can be summarized in a few key points:

– Find the key players who will be integral to this process. Having the right teammates on board should spawn a collective energy that will make individual tasks easier to accomplish.

– As a team, come up with a clearly defined recruiting strategy that will focus your coordinated efforts beyond the basic tactics of recruiting. Look at what has and hasn’t worked in the past, and welcome new ideas from the team. A well-honed strategy will drive the tactics necessary to make your plan work.

– Align your goals and plans with the organizational strategy to increase “buy in” from management and enlist the support of senior leadership. Every professional coach will tell you it’s easier to build a championship team when you have senior executives and the team owner behind you all the way.

Finally, implement the plan, monitor its level of success, and make “halftime adjustments” as needed, as you travel on your talent-acquisition journey. You may not be reaching for a brass ring or a shiny trophy, but your organization will be well on its way to ensuring it has the right people in the right place, not only for today, but well into the future.