Governor Calls Colorado Legislature into Special Session

For the second time in his tenure, Gov. John Hickenlooper has called the Colorado Legislature into a special session. The Legislature adjourned in May and was not set to reconvene until after the new year.

The governor called the special session to correct an error in Senate Bill 17-267, which overhauled a state hospital funding program and rewrote the marijuana sales tax. The new law inadvertently cut off a source of funding for transportation and special districts across the state including the Regional Transportation District (RTD). RTD told the Denver Post that it stands to lose up to $3 million if a fix is not made before the next legislative session begins in January. Bill sponsors agree that this is not what they intended.

This could be a “quick fix” session limited to just this issue, or it could reopen what was a complicated budget debate. Each lawmaker can introduce one bill during a special session, and they can introduce bills that are broader in scope. The special session is set to begin October 2, 2017. We will keep you updated on the process and the outcome.