What is HR’s Role in Sexual Harassment Claims?

Sexual harassment is on everyone’s minds lately with all of the claims coming from the entertainment and political worlds.

Some of the media have taken human resources professionals to task for not acting in the best interest of employees. HR has a fine line to walk in both advocating for employees as well as keeping the organization in compliance with the law.

So what is HR’s role?

When it comes to complaints of sexual harassment there are several things that HR should be doing.

First, you should make sure that your organization has an up-to-date harassment policy. This should be a part of your employee handbook and should define harassment, prohibit certain actions and behaviors, and tell employees whom to report incidences of harassment to.

The second step is to train your employees, including managers. Employers Council offers harassment prevention classes for employees as well as managers. If you have employees in California, there are special considerations, and Employers Council offers training that meets California requirements.

The third step is to investigate all complaints. The investigation advocates for the employee by looking into their complaint and protects the organization by demonstrating an appropriate response to a complaint.

If you don’t want to be the next news headline, make sure that you take all complaints seriously, and as always, remember that Employers Council is here to help.