Looking to Increase Employee Engagement? Focus on the Employee Experience

Employee experience is what people encounter, observe, or feel over the course of their employee journey at an organization. How an employee perceives their organization—good or bad—has a huge impact on how they perform. It’s leadership’s job to create, build, and maintain a positive employee experience.

What can you do to improve your employees’ overall experience with your organization? You can start by treating your employees as well as you treat your customers. Employees will never treat your customers better than their management treats them. If you want satisfied customers, you must start with satisfied employees.

Ongoing two-way conversations are another important component in creating a positive employee experience. Employees want to know that their ideas and opinions are being heard and matter. This cannot be achieved by the traditional annual performance appraisal. Conversations need to happen on a regular, ongoing basis.

Other things such your culture, vision and brand, technology, learning and development, and the structure of your workplaces make up the total experience of employees.

A positive employee experience can lead to higher employee engagement, which in turn leads to better results for your organization.