Member Profile: Healthbreak Incorporated

Headquartered in Golden, Colorado, Healthbreak Incorporated is surrounded by hiking trails, bike paths and rock climbing clubs, a perfect setting for a group of highly trained health and wellness professionals focused on creating award-winning wellness programs for employers.

Healthbreak was founded in 1990 by industry expert, Kathy Knudsen, with the mission to provide quality health promotion programs that create healthy, productive worksites. The company’s client-centric business model combines “team and tools” as the foundation for the award-winning wellness programs that they create in collaboration with their clients.

If you ask Ms. Knudsen what the formula to her company’s longevity and success has been, she will tell you it begins with her talented team combined with the latest tools and technology. Healthbreak’s service suite includes onsite staffing for Colorado-based employers, wellness programming, onsite screening services, an internet-based platform tool with full mobile capabilities, marketing services, a dedicated account management team, strategic planning, and collaboration with key stakeholders within each group.

The tools component for Healthbreak is provided through a relationship with a Dallas-based wellness technology company that specializes in and designs technology that is rooted in care and focuses on reducing health risks. The system allows Healthbreak to integrate configurable design strategies, customize communications, and increase engagement in its wellness plans.

The team includes specialists in all aspects of health, fitness, and workplace wellness. Healthbreak’s employees are passionate about helping individuals achieve optimal health, understand health cost management, and know how to build healthy worksite cultures. These skills, along with a relentless dedication to providing outstanding customer service, drives measurable wellness outcomes for the populations they serve.

Employers can call on Healthbreak for consultation on any aspect of their wellness programming, from early-stage data
collection and visioning to comprehensive program creation and management. Healthbreak works with employers of all sizes, both private and public, located across the country.

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