Employee Engagement Surveys

If you didn’t have a chance to conduct an employee survey before the end of the year, don’t worry, the beginning of the year is just as good of a time to conduct one. Now you have more time to make sure that you design a survey that is going to address the areas that are relevant within your organization and truly give your employees a chance to express their opinions. After your employees have been able to enjoy the holidays, it is a great opportunity to survey them shortly after they return to work. When conducting an employee survey in the beginning of the year, you can implement changes throughout the year and refer back to the results of the survey as the cause for the changes.

An example of how the survey can beneficial after the first of the year includes that most organizations will have already gone through open enrollment not too long before the survey. Therefore, the feedback from the survey can be a good indicator of how the current benefit offerings meet the employees’ needs. If there are concerns from the results of the survey, they can be addressed as soon as possible and help to retain and keep the employees satisfied and engaged with the organization.

Overall, valuable information can be obtained by utilizing an employee survey at the beginning of the year to help decide which changes should be implemented based on the results. It is important to make sure you are in touch with what your employees feel and think about organizational matters.

Not sure how to start with an employee survey? Contact cos@employerscouncil.org to discuss what you would like to include in the survey and review our extensive question library to customize a survey that will meet your needs. Also, please stay tuned for more information as we are re-validating our current survey items and are adding more to help meet our member’s needs