Maximize your Membership: Understand What Surveys Have to Offer

You have heard that we have surveys, but are you taking full advantage of them? If you are a person in your organization with access to surveys, we want to make sure you understand all they have to offer.

You know we survey benefits, but what does that really mean? While we certainly provide data on what members are offering with health and welfare plans, including insured benefits such as health, dental, retirement, and other plans, we view benefits in a comprehensive fashion to provide real data you can use in making decisions about what to offer employees in the following areas:

  • Paid Time Off Polices: Vacation, holiday, sick time, PTO plans, unlimited vacation, and types of time off systems.
  • Miscellaneous Benefits & Pay Practices: Hours of work, performance appraisals, tuition reimbursement, child care, compensation policies, bonuses, and the like.

Of course, our wage surveys are the most popular. Community wage surveys are conducted for:

  • Arizona (Metro Phoenix, Tucson, and Other Arizona)
  • Colorado (Denver/Boulder, Northern Colorado, Southern Colorado, Colorado Western
    Slope, and Colorado Resort Areas)
  • Utah (Wasatch North, Wasatch South, Mountainland, Central-Southern)
  • Wyoming (Casper, Cheyenne, and other Wyoming)

Industry Surveys are conducted for:

Construction Compensation
Financial Compensation
Health Care Compensation
Health Care Pay Practices
Hospitality Compensation (Casino, Country Club, Hotel)
Housing Authority/Property Management Compensation
Information Technology Compensation
Mental/Behavioral Health Compensation
Non-Profit/Foundation Compensation
Public Employers Compensation
Senior Services Compensation
Ski Compensation
Rural Electric Association Compensation
Plus many more!

In addition to the surveys we conduct, we have access to a national sales compensation survey which has data for various sales compensation plans for sales-related positions.

Finally, we conduct miscellaneous surveys to provide relevant HR Metrics such as data on turnover, retirement rates, and costs of benefits. We also have a planning packet survey that provides data on pay increase projections and economic indicators for your planning needs.

Be sure to leverage this data when making decisions about pay, variety of benefits, and time off. If you have any questions about these surveys, our Surveys Department is happy to help. Just give us a call. If you have access to survey data, the link is