Is Your Organization Inclusive? Are You Sure?

In response to recent headlines on workplace inclusiveness at companies like Papa Johns and Starbucks, we have helped several members ensure that employees feel supported and empowered across all demographic groups.

The process of developing and maintaining a truly inclusive workplace begins with an evaluation of your employees’ perspectives. We are offering an Inclusion Survey for your employees to take to evaluate their work environments.

We have two survey options:

  • A Pre-Set Inclusion Survey with questions ranging from “Does our organization promote those who have earned that promotion?” to “Do I feel respected and valued at work?”  Cost – $149
  • A Customized Inclusion Survey with the ability to choose questions from our question bank, with the option to add your own questions.  This is an excellent option if you are interested in specific areas or issues within your organization, like those in a particular department.  Cost – starts at $249

What are the benefits of offering your employees an Inclusiveness Survey?

  • Whether you know inclusiveness is an area for improvement or you are merely trying to gauge if it is an issue at all, an Inclusion Survey will help you “take the temperature” of your employees’ perspectives on your workplace.
  • Both Inclusion Survey options include a follow-up consultation . If you discover that your organization could use help with inclusiveness, we will work with you on next steps. If the data reveal that your organization is inclusive, we can suggest ways to maintain that vision.
  • Inclusiveness data help with strategic planning and implementing various initiatives. Our Inclusion Survey can help provide a roadmap for getting your organization from “A to B.”
  • Our surveys are online and easy to use.

Contact Brittany Johnson at for more information.