Q & A – How do I make the most of online training?

Q: How do I make the most of online training?

A: If you are new to online courses, they can sometimes be tricky. The alluring convenience of learning from the comfort of your desk (or even your phone) can come with a few complications. Should you take the opportunity to try some of our online courses, consider the following:

  • Make sure to have reliable internet access: Today, most online courses are video-based. If you want to avoid constant buffering, be sure you have the online connection that will best support you and the use of your time. Also be sure to check any User Technical Requirements in order to optimize your online experience.
  • Have a goal: What are you trying to learn, accomplish, or develop by taking the course? Keep this goal in mind throughout your course in order to make the best applications you can.
  • Carve out specific time: While one advantage of online learning is fitting it in those little five- and 10-minute time slots throughout the day, those constant interruptions might affect your retention. Try to be intentional (even if it is just for 10 minutes) about the time you set aside to give you the focus you need.
  • Go back and review sections: An advantage of online learning over Instructor-Led learning is your ability as the learner to hit the rewind button on demand. With the new Online Learning Center, you have access to your course for 30 days. The sooner you take the course, the longer you have to revisit content areas to review and support your application of the content.
  • Apply what you’ve learned: Because of the passive nature of much online learning, your ability to put into practice what you have learned as soon as possible will be critical to your long-term retention.

Employers Council's LMS can help you get started with online training. Visit our training catalog for more information.