I’m Not a Mind Reader

It’s easy to identify certain topics needed to satisfy organizational requirements, such as sexual harassment prevention training, but other, equally necessary training areas may not be as easy to identify. One approach is to use employee survey data to identify areas in which training is needed or desired.

Employers Council has a wide variety of questions for you to ask in an employee survey that will help you with the following tasks:

  • Identify potential areas where training is needed.
  • Determine whether the work environment is supportive of and encourages training.
  • Determine whether an individual desires feedback from colleagues, which could reveal areas for more training.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of training that has been previously conducted.

It is important to collect data about training to gather ideas for improving the training of future employees and identify further training needs. This also helps to create a supportive environment and organizational culture.

If one of the strategic goals of the organization is to continuously improve and be innovative, training can help both of these goals for the organization as well as send a message to employees that the organization cares about personal as well as professional development. If employers are supportive their employees’ requests for training (both individually and as an organization), they are well positioned to reduce turnover.

In recent surveys conducted by the Council for member organizations, the feedback from employees across different organizations has identified requests for more and different training opportunities to expand employees’ knowledge bases for their current position. This helps to improve work performance and potentially facilitate an employee’s advancement within the company, as well as providing an opportunity for personal improvement.

Employers Council has many resources for its member organizations to consider regarding the different aspects of training, including surveying employees about the topic of training.

If you are interested in learning more about how Employers Council can help with surveying your employees, please contact us at COS@EmployersCouncil.org.