Is Your Candidate Your Customer?

Have you noticed that the competition for the best candidates has been heating up lately? You interview a great candidate and then something comes up in the business and you take your time in getting back to them. After a week of silence, you remember to call them to offer the position… and they’ve taken another job. You now have to start over.

Would you wait a week to call a client or customer back that wanted to buy an item or service from you? The answer to that is probably a big “no” because you need that sale to keep the profits up!

You should take the same approach when going through the hiring process and speaking with candidates. The recruitment market is competitive and you really can’t afford not to make a great impression every time you communicate with someone.

Think about treating your candidates as good as you would your customers. Don’t make the candidate feel like you are doing them a huge favor by interviewing them! Instead, turn it around and treat them like they are doing you a favor by coming in to chat with you!

Keep the lines of communication open. If you are interested, let them know! Give them the timelines and next steps. If you get delayed in the process, send a quick message to let them know the timelines have changed.

If you are not interested, don’t put their resume or application into a drawer where things are never seen are heard from again. No one likes to be “ghosted.” Close the loop for the candidate. While they may not like the answer they received, at least they are not waiting around thinking they might still have a chance.

In today’s social media age where candidates can easily gather information about your company, you want that information to be positive. The top candidates can and will make decisions on if they want to join a company based upon their experiences.

Even more to the point, word-of-mouth is to the power of 1,000 these days thanks to social media. Poorly handled recruitment strategies along with an unhappy candidate who then decides to send out an unhappy tweet or post about your company, can mean really negative press for your brand. Be clear with your recruitment strategy communication, act respectfully and professionally. It is much easier to do this than to do damage control.

Candidates will talk about their experience with your company… what do you want them to say?