You’re Never Too Busy to Invest in Yourself

After I was promoted into an executive position, a colleague recommended that I look into the Intentional Leader Program. As much as I was interested in participating in a leadership program, I couldn’t help
but think, “I just got promoted, there is so much to do; how will I ever find time to dedicate to a leadership program?” I know I am not alone in thinking, “I’m just too busy.” However, I found that this program makes it
possible to participate and engage in a meaningful leadership program as it is designed with the “busy leader” in mind. The blended learning approach allows participants to engage in self-study on their own time and at their own pace. Participants then meet as a “cohort,” or a group, for a full day, once a month, to discuss the self-study content and use the classroom for hands-on activities, discussion, and application. This blended learning format creates an extremely rich environment and strengthens the learning in the cohort. The cohort meeting day soon become my favorite day of the month.

In addition to the rich experience of the self-study and classroom discussions and learning, each participant benefits by receiving eight one-on-one coaching sessions with an executive coach. My executive coach was invaluable in helping me work through some tough situations using both self-reflection and direction. My executive coach challenged me to be intentional and thoughtful in the performance of my executive duties. The guidance and valuable discussions with my coach continue to help me every day as I navigate the opportunities and challenges of being a leader and contributing in a meaningful way to my organization.

Another valuable component of this program is the “Workplace Project.” If you are simply in need of motivation to begin a workplace project or you are seeking safe and constructive advice, consultation, and project advisement, this is the leadership program for you. For me, I had an idea, but I just couldn’t seem to get it off the ground. Through the assistance and advice of my wonderful cohort, the expertise and encouragement of the instructors, I not only got my Workplace Project off the ground but it has been successfully implemented in my organization. In fact, it has become an integral part of our employee orientation and training.

After initially fearing that I was “too busy” for the program, I found that it took me on an insightful and wonderful journey. It is never easy to voluntarily place yourself in a position of vulnerability in order to learn more about yourself and how and why you interact the way you do with the world around you. However, learning more about myself and my impact has strengthened my leadership abilities. Using skills I learned through this program, I have been given the ability to work more effectively at being intentional in my words and my actions. This has helped me to influence others and has created positive outcomes for my organization.

In the end, we are all busy. Don’t let those busy thoughts keep you from investing in yourself through the Intentional Leader Program and becoming a more effective leader in your organization. Click here for more information.