What Worries Your Employees Most

A 2018 EBRI survey of workers finds their top three worries about America are:

  • Health care (26%)
  • Immigration (18%)
  • Role of the federal government (16%)

Diving into health care costs, the survey reveals the worrisome impact this has on many employees.

  • 47% report increased out-of-pocket costs that contribute to a spiral of actions that may contribute to even higher costs for them and their employers
    • 52% only see their doctor for serious conditions/ symptoms (avoiding well care visits and early detection of problems with low cost treatment)
    • 45% delay going to the doctor (worsening medical conditions that then require higher cost treatment)

The financial impact to these workers is also serious:

  • 41% decrease their contributions to retirement savings
  • 39% have difficulty paying their bills
  • 36% increase their credit card debt

For employers who wish to help employees manage these challenges, and possibly improve overall well-being and health outcomes, consider efforts such as:

  • Personal finances education
    • Improve budgeting and savings habits
    • Funding alternatives to credit card debt
  • Voluntary benefits
    • Health care indemnity plans
    • Accident, cancer and critical illness insurance plans
  • Training on being a savvy health care consumer

Employers tempted to stop offering health care benefits should take note:

  • 24% of workers would prefer higher wages and lower health care benefits
  • 73% of workers consider health insurance to be the single most important benefit provided by their employer.

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