Survey News – January 2019

2019 Employers Council Survey Schedule

With the start of the New Year, Employers Council Surveys Team would like to thank all of the Employers Council members who participated in our 2018 surveys. Thank you for partnering with us to publish the most comprehensive and reliable compensation and benefit surveys for Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming employers. We would not be able to publish our survey resources without your participation!

As the New Year begins, we want to take this opportunity to announce the 2019 Employers Council Core Compensation and Benefits Survey Schedule. Please mark your calendar with these important 2019 survey dates!

Remember, each Employers Council member that participates in one of the above compensation or benefit surveys is eligible to receive a FREE Custom Survey Analysis (CSA). The CSA is our thank you for taking the time to participate in surveys.


What is a CSA? A CSA allows an organization to compare their compensation and/or benefits against an aggregate data line of selected organizations of their choosing or by a specific survey demographic. A CSA can be requested for any or all jobs or benefit questions in the survey. We need a minimum of 10 participating organizations to run a CSA to protect the confidentiality of the participating organizations’ data.

Employers Council will provide one complimentary CSA to organizations who submit questionnaires on or before the survey deadline date. The CSAs will be available upon request after the survey has been published. Don’t miss your opportunity to receive a complimentary CSAs valued at $250!

We thank you for your ongoing support of Employers Council’s compensation and benefit surveys. If you have any questions for us or suggestions on how we can improve the survey process, please contact us at 800.884,1328 or

Survey Highlights

2018 Non-Profit/Foundation Compensation Survey

The 2018 Non-Profit/Foundation Compensation Survey is now available. Participation includes 97 organizations from Colorado, 1 from Wyoming and 3 from Arizona. This survey reports salary data for full-time and part-time employees in 97 positions. These data are displayed by annual budget size, and type of nonprofit. Data reported by Foundations are sorted by asset size. The General Information section of the survey reports the projected pay and pay structure increases for 2018 and 2019 in addition to other organization practices.

2018 Mental / Behavioral Health Survey

The 2018 Mental / Behavioral Health Compensation Survey reports data from 19 health care organizations located in Colorado and Wyoming. This survey contains data for 54 benchmark jobs. Data are displayed by type of funding: Publicly funded (government-funded), Privately funded (no government funding) and Non-Profit (variety of funding sources). The average percentage increases in pay and pay structure increases projected for 2018 and 2019 are included in the report. In addition, participants also reported licensure differentials for clinical positions, incentive/bonus programs, and Psychiatrist on-call pay.

2018 Colorado Employers’ Drug Testing Policy Survey

Since Colorado passed Amendment 64, Use and Regulation of Marijuana, Employers Council has conducted the 2018 Colorado Employers’ Drug Testing Policy Survey. This survey captures how policies regarding drug testing of employees may have changed or adapted with the use of recreational Marijuana. This data is displayed by Geographic Location, Employment Size, and Industry for 634 Colorado employers.  In addition to marijuana, this survey also collects information on other types of drugs for which employers test, types of testing methods used, and when drug testing is utilized. New to the survey this year is a Trends in Colorado Employers’ Drug Testing Policy section.